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May 2010

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Being a dog-rescue volunteer

Dog rescue is not a glorious endeavor by any means. Some may think volunteering for a rescue group is about playing with puppies on a weekend when they have nothing better to do. Here’s what it is like to be part of a rescue group: There are so many layers of involvement, but the entry… View More »

Your pet’s last day

Having your companion animal put down is one of the worst moments in your life. There are many wonderful veterinarians who indeed care about animals, especially at the death of your pet. In this article, I share my personal experience with the hope that the essence of my message will find its way to reach… View More »

Before you adopt a dog

Is this the best time to adopt a dog? Adopting a dog is a commitment throughout the lifetime of your companion animal. To determine if you’re indeed ready for that commitment, there are some things to consider before you bring a furry friend to your home:  Moving to a new residence: Will the new place be… View More »

I can’t keep my dog!

Really?  Have you really looked at all the facts before you give up your dog to the pound? “My dog was a model dog for three years until last week!  I left Milo at my mother’s home, and he badly hurt her small dog after she bit him several times on his face!  We never… View More »

Found dog protocol

When you find a dog on the street, and the dog clearly looks neglected or homeless, what should you do? If the dog is not wearing a collar with a tag (note:  sometimes contact info is written on the collar), take him/her to a veterinarian’s facility to scan for a microchip.  Most veterinarians should have… View More »

Three options to adopt a dog

There are three ways to adopt a dog:  1) rescue a stray free of charge, 2) save a dog from the pound paying less than $100, or 3) adopt a dog from a rescue organization with an adoption fee ranging from $200 to 450. Adopting a dog, instead of buying one from a breeder, is… View More »