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Agreement with Dogs

Back in caveman days, we converted wolves to dogs because we had a mutual agreement that was beneficial to both of us. We were supposed to help and protect each other. Over the past 10,000 to 15,000 years, we have evolved, yet violated this agreement. We now kill them with lethal injections in the pounds. Some use… View More »

Dog abandoned in freezing rain

On March 2, a one-year-old Pointer mix, was left tied to a light post with a handwritten note, “My name is Joey. I am looking for a home. Please take care of me!” A good Samaritan, Lisa Snyder, who is also homeless herself, found him drenched in rain, in San Pedro where temperatures dipped into the 40s… View More »

Dogs are the mirror of our soul

Your dog is your mirror. That’s why dog trainers say you need to be in a calm state in order to keep your dog calm.  Dogs respond to a fraction of our mood, not even a thought, but just our energy. I was stressed out to the max one day but was calm on the outside. No… View More »

Whims of Fate

One of the supporters of my charity, , emailed me: his beloved German Shepherd passed, and he and his wife wanted to adopt one in honor of her passing, rather than buying a puppy from a breeder. I was delighted about their decision to adopt, but the criteria was not easy to meet. They wanted… View More »

A tribute to Jean Burke

If you have been involved in animal rescue in Los Angeles over the past decades, you must have encountered one of the most selfless rescuers, Jean Burke.  She was well respected by the rescue community, and an inspiration to those who crossed her path. Jean was all about animals and never looked the other way… View More »

Bittersweet holiday season

The holiday season can be very difficult for those who have lost their loved ones — whether they were family members or pets. I lost my soulmate dog over a year ago. He was a rescued dog, so the holiday season used to be also a celebration of his birthday. This year I’m going through the second holiday… View More »

Small miracles for dogs

There have been many lives that were saved by no other explanation but a miracle. Some were saved at the very last minute as a fluke and others by a chain of events that made their rescues possible. Several years ago,  from the pound. Mirabelle was old and as a large breed, we thought she would… View More »

How to select your new dog

When we decide to adopt a dog, how do we choose the right one for us? Many people who come to my rescue organization’s adoption events look for a dog that instantly clicks with them because they are seeking that type of “special bond.” The instant connection makes them feel like they were meant for each other. Here’s… View More »

Every dog needs an ‘ambassador’

At one of the adoption events my nonprofit, a volunteer became upset when someone declined a dog we had for adoption because “he called my dog ugly!” I looked at her, and she was indeed offended — as if it was really about her dog. That was the moment I decided that every dog needs a designated person who would be… View More »

What dogs are meant to us

Loving our dog is like loving our child with a fatal disease because we know they will die in a limited number of years, and love them more for that limitation. Photo by Andy Pearlman Yes, it’s been heartbreaking to me, too, especially when my soulmate dogs died. When one of them, Forte died, I thought that… View More »

Fostering saves lives

Two years ago, , and needed our help to find him a permanent home. She was very fond of him and wanted to keep him, but she was happy when we found an adopter for him. Then last year, she came back with Ginger whom she saved from a high-kill pound. This time, she fostered Ginger herself…. View More »

To love is to accept

When I read advice columns like Dear Abby or Ask Amy, so that your husband might change. One can modify his behavior to a degree, but he will never change to become a different person. Molding someone into something he was not cut out to be is not only unrealistic but also unfair and unhealthy. I had… View More »

No puppy for Christmas gift!

Many people love a picture of a puppy coming out of a box wrapped in red and green with a big bow on it for their kids for Christmas. Don’t do it. Puppies are not toys, by March, unless you have properly trained the pup, you will end up with an unruly adolescent “dog.” By then,… View More »

Definition of animal rescuer

When people see an injured animal on the street, they often will say, “Oh, poor little doggie, I wish I could do something, but it’s OK, someone will help him, I’m sure.” Wait, who is that someone? They are not even referring to animal control. They need “someone” to, at the very least, call animal… View More »

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