Happily Ever After

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Xena Adopted!

This feisty little girl started life homeless and in the pound. Adopted from there, her guardian found she was not capable of caring for Xena the way she deserved, so she surrendered her to us. Now, Xena has been renamed Pitchoune and lives with a dedicated couple who has already started her with training and providing her with the love that will help her thrive into the adorable canine companion we all know she can be.

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Bronson Adopted!

A very lucky dog has found his home! Bronson, one of the sweetest beagles you’ll ever meet, was nearly surrendered to the pound after his family lost their home. Forte swooped in and stopped this from happening, giving him an excellent foster home while we looked for his new family. While there were some minor hiccups, his foster Allison was so understanding of his needs and gave him the love he needed while he looked for a new home.

Fortunately, he didn’t have long to wait. A lot of interest came in for this adorable beagle, and he was adopted quickly. Chris and his family had adopted from Forte before, and were looking for a new companion after one of their beagles had passed away. Bronson took to them immediately, and has greatly enjoyed sleeping in their bedroom in his brand new dog bed. Another successful adoption!

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Rocky Road Adopted!

Rocky Road was adopted from the pound as a puppy and dumped back at the pound recently by his family. He had been kept outside his entire life and when surrendered he was dirty and matted and desperate for love. He was lucky enough to be able to move into a temporary home when he came to us and did not have to go to boarding. His guardian in that home cleaned him up, taught him how to behave as he had clearly had no training and showered him with love. It did not take long for him to find a wonderful forever home with a family with children, cats and two other doggie companions. Rocky Road was re-named Duke and he now gets to live as part of the family and does not get shut outside alone in the garden as he did in the past. This is the perfect home for Duke and we could not be happier for him! View More »

Huckleberry Adopted!

One of our volunteers found Huckleberry at the shelter. He reminded him of his own childhood dog and he reached out to us to save him. Pulled on his last day, Huckleberry immediately charmed our volunteers with his sweet and affectionate demeanor. On one of his first adoption events he caught the eye of a woman who knew immediately she had to adopt him. She quickly arranged for her son to meet him and they both agreed that Huckleberry was the dog for them! Huckleberry renamed Odie has found his forever home with a family who will give him all the love and affection he craves! We couldn’t be happier for him! View More »

Pepper Adopted!

Pepper was dumped at the San Bernadino City pound, scared, overweight and full of ticks. Forte saved her on her last day. Now Pepper has lost 10 lbs and lives with a wonderful caring couple near the ocean in Marina del Rey.Her new family says that she is a happy girl, very playful at home, loves her rope toy and her new ball. She loves to wake them up for her morning walks and greets them with kisses and tail wags whenever they come home. She especially loves to climb in bed and snuggle. Sweet Pepper, we hope to bump into often on your walks!

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Troy Adopted!

A good Samaritan took Troy away from a sad situation. He lived with people in a poor neighborhood who had no idea how to take care of a dog. Troy got out regularly but always came back and as a thank you for that he got beaten. Despite this unhappy part of his life, such a good boy. Have a happy rest of your life Troy! View More »

Morgan Adopted!

Rarely have we seen such a perfect dog as Morgan. Rescued from the pound on her last day, her calm demeanor and friendly personality charms everyone who meets her, dogs included. One of our volunteers was even jokingly trying to decide which of her own dogs to give up in order to adopt Morgan for herself. Her new family fell in love as soon as they saw her at adoptions, and she with them, and so here they all are a few days later in her new home. Fortunately they live a short distance from where we do our weekly adoption events, and the family has promised to bring her by occasionally to say hello. We’ll look forward to it!

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Coffee Adopted!

Everyone needs a little help sometimes! We rescue most of our dogs from the pound but we sometimes work with independent rescuers. There is one such kind hearted woman in Ensenada, Mexico which is where Coffee and Simon came from. One month ago they immigrated to the US to find their forever homes. Both very cute and loving dogs! They immediately got a lot of interest and Coffee got adopted after only one ‘showing’ at our adoption event. When we did the home safety check there was one issue we weren’t sure about; the three cats that live in the house as well. But Coffee is such a perfect dog, the cats didn’t bother him at all! Now we are waiting for a photo ofCoffee (his new name is Cooper) and all the cats sleeping together! Hasta la vista Cooper!

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Harley Boy Adopted!

Harley Boy had not had the best start to his life after being dumped, but twice at the pound by his previous families. The last family dumped him because they decided to have children. He was a big favorite of the volunteers at the pound and they begged us to save his life on the day he was due to be killed as they felt he was such a special soul. So we did and last week Harley Boy finally found the most amazing home with a family who will never give up on him. On the day he was adopted it was as though this home was always meant for him. He bonded immediately with his new family and his new doggie sister Katie. They spent the entire time kissing, hugging and playing. Harley Boy is the smaller brindle coloured dog. His new family say that it is as though he has been with them for years and they love him dearly. This was an incredibly happy ending which brought us all to tears. This is why we do what we do. A true happy ending for our Harley Boy.

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Lester Adopted!

Lester came in the East Valley Shelter in August 2013 as a stray. A senior dog with bad teeth, but with the temperament of a puppy! The volunteers made a plea to the rescue community to save the life of this happy boy and two ladies stepped up. They had a foster home, but that didn’t work out. They found a place for him to stay in Lancaster. Over 100 degrees in the summer, cold at night and in winter and always surrounded by dogs. He stayed there for a year! Then the ladies asked Forte for help. We moved him to a cagefree kennel in the area and every Saturday he came to adoptions. Despite what he has been through the past year, Lester is still one of the most happy dogs we know, always smiling, always affectionate. And now this lucky boy found his forever home with this lovely couple. We wish all the best Lester!

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Angelina Adopted!

Our dear sweet Angelina may be one of the luckiest dogs Forte has ever rescued. We acquired her from a good guy in a bad neighborhood, who had rescued her from “some guy giving away puppies on a street corner.” She was 3 months old and adorable. We didn’t know it at the time (and neither did the guy), but she also had Parvo, which can be deadly if not treated properly and immediately. After 3 days in ICU, and another 3 weeks of R&R, she found a wonderful home with a great family who will love and take care of her and we couldn’t be happier. Her new human sister even insisted on staying home from school just to bond with her, and as you can see, its working. They even gave her a new name, Chloe. So have a great life Chloe, we’ll miss you but will look forward to seeing photos as you grow up into a special and very lucky dog.

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Hansel Adopted!

Our handsome boy Hansel was with us for quite a while and for most of that time was living with his loving foster Dad. During that time the bond between them became obvious and Hansel`s foster Dad decided that he could not possibly ever let him go and that they were meant to be together forever. So last week he officially adopted Hansel and now they live happily ever after. As you can see from the photos they truly love each other and we couldn`t be happier for them. View More »

Romeo Adopted!

Around the 4th of July the pounds get full with a lot of freaked out-and-run away-from-fireworks dogs. Sadly, and despite his incredibly sweet face, he was overlooked every time. His time was running out but lucky for him Forte came to his rescue. Such a sweet and soulful dog! And now he found his forever home with a lovely lady who adores him! We couldn’t be happier for him.  View More »

Peluche Adopted!

 This couple came across Peluche when he was out on a walk with his foster Mom and they instantly fell in love with him. They had been searching for a rescue dog to adopt but had not found the right one. When they met Peluche they knew he was the one. They quickly got in touch and put in an application and a few days later the adoption was finalized as this was clearly the right home for him.  Peluche is now renamed George and he has quickly settled into his new home. His new family say they are “in heaven” with George and that he is their “dream dog.” They love him and are so happy that he came into their life and we are happy that he did too!

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Karma Adopted!

Karma came to us originally as an outreach. She was in a boarding setting and it wasn’t until two of our former fosters came forward to pull her out and care for her that we knew she was extremely ill.

With meds and all of the time and love that Jaclyn /Brett spent nursing her back to health, Karma bounced back — but not before we experienced many real scares with her health. These scares started to happen much more often than not, the poor pup didn’t seem to be able to catch a break! Karma then started to have seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy, but this didn’t deter Brett and Jaclyn from continuing to shower her with TLC. This is truly why she pulled through so many health issues. Her fosters were her angels. They researched relentlessly, started a Karma blog, applied for grants for training, helped her get over her fear of strangers (amongst many other factors), and diligently spent Saturday after Saturday sitting with her at the Forte adoption events.

After fostering Karma for about 18 months, Brett and Jaclyn decided that she was now part of their family, and decided to move forward with an official adoption. Everyone at Forte could not have been happier!

We are so blessed that Jaclyn and Brett dedicated themselves to Karma, as they truly saved her life over and over and now provide the most perfect home possible for her, forever! View More »

Tucker Adopted!

Tucker was about to be abandoned at the pound when we rescued him through the intervention program. We don’t know why his family would have given up such a sweet and loving dog. Just take a look at his smiling face and you just fall in love. And that is exactly what happened with his foster. As a first time dog caretaker he couldn’t be luckier with such an easy and smart dog. Add his fluffy hair to his intelligence and there is only one name possible from now on for Tucker: Einstein! Good luck Einstein, we will miss you!

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Rosy Adopted!

3 month old Rosy is one of those dogs that you just want to cuddle because that’s exactly what she wants to do. We got her just as she was about to be turned in at the pound because a landlord said “no”! How could anyone say no to this little cutie? Well we didn’t have her very long because her new adopter said “yes” in a heartbeat, and now little Rosy has a furever home where she’ll be loved and spoiled rotten. Her adopter’s neighbors have small dogs who are becoming her new best friends, so we predict a long and Rosy life for her!

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Tony Adopted!

Tony came to us bonded to another little dog, who we believed was his sister. He was the more timid out of the two and followed Roni constantly. When we introduced him to a new foster and her dog, Weasel, these two dogs became even closer than we could have imagined. Tony’s foster adopted him, and now Weasel and Tony play endlessly as brother and sister. We might have lost an awesome foster, but we could not have asked for a better home for sweet Tony!

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Pluto Adopted!

Pluto was surrendered to the pound by his previous family at the age of 7 years. Being an incredibly sweet, also previously adopted from us. So now Pluto gets to stay with the family he has got to know and loves so much. There couldn`t be a better outcome for this sweet guy and we are so very happy for him.

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Bonnie Adopted!

Bonnie Girl was only 8 months old and bound for the pound when a good Samaritan took her off the streets and contacted Forte. We knew right away that as a cattle dog, energetic and precocious and she proved us right! At one point, she let out a foster’s cat in the middle of the night by opening the door! We knew we needed a special home for Bonnie where she could run and play and have a few “jobs” to keep her busy. So when a couple with dog and horse training experience who live on a working ranch showed interest, we had a gut feeling this was place for Bonnie Girl! She now has acres of land to play on, a very loving family and many new companions to play with: a St. Bernard named Rocky, cows, horses, pigs, and chickens (which she likes the herd!)  We could not have imagined a better Forever Home for Bonnie Girl!

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