Happily Ever After

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Hula Adopted!

Hula is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met. She is soft and gentle and incredibly affectionate. She found herself in the pound and quickly became a favorite there. But she was overlooked and as her time ran out she was saved by Forte. She became a favorite with the volunteers of Forte also and had many daily visitors at her boarding facility. She is now in her very own home with a wonderful family who love her more and more everyday. She even gets along with their cats! We wish you all the best Hula. You truly deserve the best and you found it!

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Bijou Adopted!

When we first met Bijou, she was a street dog. She didn’t know how to walk on a leash, jumped up at every car she saw, got scared when people approached her. She had to learn a lot about live, after spending 3 months in the shelter and several months in boarding with us. This summer she got adopted by a very nice man, and soon she bonded with him. She learned how to walk well on a leash and got more used to unknown people and other dogs. Unfortunately her adopter had to move and couldn’t take her with him. It didn’t take long however for Bijou to find another new home. She has found her forever home with a young and active couple who adore her! On top of that Bijou can run around and play in a big yard. Bijou is a great dog and we are very happy that she has found such a loving home. Have a good life Bijou!

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Bailey Adopted!

Bailey is a very happy puggle with a very happy life. Bailey’s first guardian had him from puppyhood and took great care of Bailey for the past seven years. Unfortunately, Bailey’s dad had to find him a new home, and he asked for our help. His new family, a young couple, just couldn’t resist Bailey’s cuteness and positive vibes. So now Bailey is even luckier, having two families to call home!!! While ‘old’ dad will move away, new ‘dad and mom’ will stay in touch and share Bailey’s adventures and shenanigans. Hurray, Bailey! Bailey is the first Forte dog to receive a doggie emergency preparedness kit, put together by the Girl Scouts of the Greater Los Angeles Area. As you can see in the photos, Bailey was mighty impressed with his kit and would have loved to dug into it right away.

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Rain Adopted!

Rain now known as Vito was found a day after Christmas in the rain. Weighing in at only about 5 lbs, he’s a happy and feisty little fella. When he came on board with Forte, we couldn’t resist to contact Carlo’s new mom Judy (remember, she had adopted him just before Christmas) to let her know that a mini-clone of Carlo had arrived. Needless to say, Judy couldn’t resist little Rain’s charm and brought him home. Carlo and Vito are best buddies now, with Vito definitely being the more outspoken of the two.

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Opie Adopted!

Opie was almost shipped to Canada, who knows where he would have ended. Forte decided to rescue Opie, only 9 months old. He was a so called ‘owner surrender’, we don’t know why they left him and couldn’t think of any reason: Opie is an amazing dog! After a few weeks in boarding we found a foster home. Opie settled in to never leave. His foster mom fell in love with this beautiful dog. She takes Opie on runs, hikes and play-dates with other dogs. In between he sleeps or plays with one of the many toys that surround him. Wonderful Opie will have a lot of fun and a great life with Betsy!

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Holly Adopted!

Our lovely Holly has been adopted and to the VERY best home! For reasons we cant quite understand, who were kind, that would seek all the right answers to support her and most of all parents who would love her unconditionally! When Holly met her new adoptive parents, they said Holly had simply chosen them! Despite Holly’s fears her new family showed her that true love doesn’t have an end in sight. Holly’s parents have taken every step to provide Holly with the BEST home and to learn how to make Holly the absolute BEST dog she can be. Thank you so much to Holly’s wonderful Mom and Dad for being the family that we knew would eventually come for her!!

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Diamond Adopted!

Diamond’s are forever and our Diamond found her forever home last week just in time for Valentines Day! Life is certainly looking good for Diamond. After being found as a stray on the streets of LA she now has her very own family and even gets to sleep in bed with the children at night along with her new doggie friend Ruby. Diamond is the dog on the right in the picture with the cute white nose. She just loves her new family and they love her. She has settled in so well and they cannot imagine life with without her so it certainly is a happy ending for our Diamond.

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Rocky II Adopted!

Rocky is doing great in his new home. The dogs get along really well and can be left alone in the yard and indoors. Rocky looked very happy when we visited and rolled on his back for belly rubs and was very relaxed. Roxy is the other (girl) dog in the photo and their previous other dog passed away a few months ago so she is glad to get a new buddy. Rocky is the shepherd on the left with one droopy ear.

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Jane Adopted

Jane was rescued from a person who could not provide a home for her, healthy, vaccinated, spayed, and ready to meet her forever family and be the most perfect doggie she can be. Jane has grown less tolerant of anxious and nervous dogs whom she’s not familiar with, although she is great at her foster home with 3 other dogs, and even a CAT! Jane loves to hike mountains and be a super dog. She also loves to curl up and snooze at home. Jane is a goofy, fun, playful, always happy dog who is waiting for her new best human friend! She LOVES people, is very affectionate & cuddly, and would make a great companion for a family that wishes to have only one dog, or would be happy to spend the time to introduce her confidently into a home with another dog.  🙂

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