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Pets and Landlords

Does your landlord allow pets? We encourage you to read Pets and Landlords written by our founder Marie Atake printed in “Apartment Age” and “The Pet Press, ” then published on “” Pleae share with your landlord! Click Here to Read Article »

Wonder of Life

Not only do we rescuers advocate for spay and neuter of companion animals, , they say, “Oh, no, we don’t want our children to see a dog die in our house.” Click Here to Read Article »

Dog Lover vs. Pet Lover

When you watch , Cesar takes her to his camp where dozens of his canine assistants will help accomplish the task. My point is, you cannot do any of these alone. Click Here to Read Article »

Dogs and Toddlers

People get married, . This is all natural and nothing is wrong with it, but there are many rescue groups that decline homes with kids under 5 years old. Click Here to Read Article »