Devin Needs Your Help

Devin is a young and energetic Doberman who was rescued from an irresponsible “owner” in LA, so residents in the neighborhood scraped together enough money to buy Devin from his owner and handed him over to us. Devin is a good boy, but we have discovered that he has cryptorchidism (one testicle did not drop), which is complicated by a blood disorder called Von Willebrand’s disease (similar to human hemophilia). Devin’s neuter has now become a costly and more serious surgical procedure with an estimated cost of $3,500-4,000, depending on what is discovered during surgery and the first 24-hours of his recovery. Devin needs your help so that he can get his surgery and move onward towards a wonderful life with his future family. If you would like to donate to Devin’s upcoming procedure, please send your donation, and we will follow up with your tax contribution receipt.

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