Titi Adopted

May 16, 2017

Poor sweet little Titi fell on hard times when her family surrendered her to a high-kill pound as they had too many dogs.  It seemed that Titi was the one to go, and it broke our heart when we saw a video of her in her kennel, crying and desperate for love.  We didn’t want to waste any time, so we broke her out of prison right away.  Titi was so confused and heartbroken when she came to us because her world had fallen apart.  But through our rehabilitation process, we made her feel safe and loved again.

And then one day a retired veteran and his young son attended our adoption event.  He was looking for a little companion to bring some light into his life.  He initially became a foster dad for Titi but within a few weeks, he decided that Titi was a keeper.  Titi’s new dad is a disabled veteran, so she was given to him as a Forte’s Gift through our Veterans Program (https://farescue.org/veterans/) especially since she was going to be his support dog.  We are so happy that Titi is now his one and only and gets all of the love she deserves and her new dad gets to experience the special kind of love for health, happiness and healing that only a dog can give.  Don’t they all look cute together!!