Cooper Adopted!

August 2, 2015

Super Cooper the Copper Cocker came to us when his family no longer had the time for him. He had been spending his days and nights alone and his family decided this was no longer fair on him.
He was stressed and scared when he first came to us. He kept to himself and would not let his poor foster Dad anywhere near him but within a few days when he started to feel safe and secure we saw a very different little guy. Fun loving and full of smiles and kisses, it did not take long before he found his perfect home. This family have always adopted Cocker Spaniels and so understand the breed. He simply adores the children and they adore him too! He is very rarely alone now. They include him in everything they do. He is a part of the family which is what he deserves. We are so happy for you Cooper!!

photo Cooper2w