Lillybelle Adopted!

January 25, 2017

We rescued sweet little Lillybelle from the pound when her time was nearly up. We found her frightened and hiding in the corner behind her kennel mates. We knew we had to save her. It was clear when she came to us that she was scared and confused. She was wary of people that she did not know and seemed fearful of unfamiliar situations. Because her undeniable cuteness, Lillybelle had a fair amount of interest but most people lost interest as they did not want to deal with a dog with any issues. Her foster Mom helped her to feel more comfortable with the world and then this couple came to our adoption event and fell in love with Lillybelle. They were determined to do whatever it took to make her a part of their family and they did! Two weeks later and things are going very well. Lillybelle has bonded nicely with her new family and is a happy little munchkin. We are so happy for you Lillybelle!