Smokey Adopted!

June 17, 2015

Smokey is one of those dogs we will never forget, and for two reasons. First of all, his incredible story. One of our volunteers heard about a dog that wasn’t treated well. She asked for a photo and was shocked, his abusive owners left him starving in the back yard with no food or water. She asked Forte for help and that is how he became a Forte dog. He was only 40 lb while his healthy weight should be around 65. Fortunately there was no damage to his organs and soon after we rescued him he started gaining weight.

The other reason we will not forget Smokey is because of his incredible personality. He is the type of dog everybody loves, so mellow and sweet. Still so trusting and loyal after all he has been through. One of our volunteers took him to her office while he was staying with her for a few days and her co-worker fell in love with him. She soon took her two kids with her to the adoption event and the deal was done after her daughter fell asleep on Smokey’s belly! We couldn’t be happier for Smokey who is now 25 lb heavier and in a very loving home, where he will always have food, water and tons of affection. That is all he needs and more. Have a forever happy life Smokey!

Smokey HEA Smokey before and after 3