Tara Adopted!

February 9, 2014

Tara was found right before Christmas alone with no collar wandering in the streets of South LA. A good Samaritan took her home and asked Forte to find her a home. Tara appeared to be a very affectionate dog, sweet and playful. We knew it wouldn’t take long before she would find her forever home. At our adoption event of January 12th, a family that was looking for a dog already for some weeks, met Tara and fell in love. Especially Black Jack, their 2-year-old black Lab mix, liked Tara. And Tara liked him, they played in the little yard at our adoption event and continued playing the next day in the yard of Tara’s new home. Probably even now, in between naps, they are playing and chasing each other. We are very happy that Tara found her forever home with this loving family and with Black Jack, a former Forte dog!