Hannah Adopted!

June 14, 2014

When Hannah came to us at Forte she had been living in somebody`s back yard while the rest of the family, including their dogs all lived inside. We can`t even imagine how lonely she must have been all by herself. She quickly moved in with her foster Dad and brother Taz. She bonded with them very quickly and was so happy to have some love and attention at last. But she did not like being left alone and displayed signs of separation anxiety. We knew that we needed a very special forever home for Hannah and we eventually found it. This home could not be more perfect for her. She now has a new Mom and Dad and two Beagle brother`s Casey and Pedro. Hannah is the dog on the right in the photos. Hannah will never be left alone ever again. Her Mom works from home and Hannah spends her time sleeping at her feet while she works and playing in her beautiful new garden with her brothers. At night the whole family sleep in the main bedroom. Hannah is now in Beagle paradise and we couldn`t be happier for our sweet girl.

Hannah HEAHannah