Honey Adopted!

June 17, 2015

Sweet Honey was dumped at the pound by her previous family who said they could not afford to take care of a dog. We saw a video of her looking so sad and confused and we knew we had to save her. She went straight into the arms of loving foster parents who doted on her and nursed her back to health from her kennel cough. She thrived while in their care and changed from a sad little girl to the happiest girl alive! While spending time at the local dog park, Honey made a friend called Peppermint. They would play everyday and a bond grew between them. Peppermints Mom and Dad had been thinking of adopting another dog and so it became clear to them that Honey was the one! One week ago Honey became a part of Peppermint`s family. Now the two girls spend every moment together and couldn`t be happier. We think the names are really cute together too. What a wonderful happy ending for our sweet Honey.

Honey is the dog on the left with the red collar.


11212189_10155565009735641_1671347242178670812_o Honey-002w