Leland Adopted!

June 25, 2015

Oh Little Leland, what a character he is! It took him 11 months before he finally got adopted. A girl dumped him at the pound after having him for practically his whole life, just saying that she couldn’t keep him anymore. Lucky for him, at the same time one of our volunteers was there to pick up another dog and she couldn’t see Leland be put in a cage. She took him home, as if she didn’t already have enough pets: 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 other foster dogs! It took a while, but Leland made himself at home. It takes Leland a little time to warm up to people but he wasn’t able to get that time during our adoption events. One stare of a stranger was enough for his little lips to curl up and if that person didn’t pay attention, a growl or even a bite would follow. We knew what a great little guy he was once he knew you but it was hard for other people to see that. But fortunatley Olav saw that too. Olav adopted another dog from Forte about a year ago, his first dog. It wasn’t easy, Tucker is deaf and had separation anxiety. But Olav did a great job! He met Leland some months ago at our adoption event at Healthy Spot and a few weeks ago he told us he was ready to adopt Leland. With the same care and patience he had with Tucker (now Einstein) he introduced Leland to his home, to Einstein, to his new life. We think Olav and Einstein are just perfect for Leland! We will miss our grumpy little man, but are oh so happy he finally got a home.

Leland HEA 1 Leland