Lobo Adopted!

January 25, 2017

My first two years of life were a bit of a mystery, and I was so sad and scared and lonely when I was dumped at the pound by my people. I was labeled as part chow which meant no one could walk me or meet me without a temperament test (and this was all because they couldn’t tell the difference between Jindo and Chow). This really meant I had no chance of getting out of there alive. So I waited in my cage hoping someone would ask for me but no one did. Then a Forte volunteer saw how long I had been waiting and made the decision to get me out. Within a week, a nice lady volunteered to take me for walks. Just days after that, she let me move into her home as a “foster,” and then she told me that this was my new home and she wasn’t letting me go! My new name is Sunny because she says I bring so much brightness to her life. Now I spend my days looking out at the Marina views and learning how to be a well-educated dog. I’m so glad I was given a new lease on life!