Nala Adopted!

March 7, 2014

Nala was found on the street in the night of July 3rd. She was spooked and disoriented. Her rescuer picked her up and made her feel safe. Since then, and with every day, her fan base grew. The staff at her boarding place fell in love with her pretty much the day she moved in. The doctor who checked her, spayed and vaccinated her adored this new four-legged patient. The number of Forte volunteers who wanted to hang out with Nala, walk her and spend some quality “Nala” time with her became bigger and bigger every week – you all know who you are!!! And then, Nala’s new dad stopped by our adoption event. While he had sent in an application for a completely different dog, he instantly felt a connection with Nala. Now Nala shares her new home with a loving dad, his roommates and a canine half sister – our lucky girl couldn’t be happier. Bye bye, Nala, please stay in touch!!!