Schnitzel Adopted!

September 5, 2015

A woman rescued Schnitzel from the pound knowing that she couldn’t keep him. She asked Forte to find a forever home for him. Schnitzel had a skin issue, which is quite innocent, but it doesn’t look nice and it scared some people off. But our volunteers fell in love with this funny little guy, especially his foster mom, who couldn’t stop sending us photos of Schnitzel in all his cuteness! Schnitzel loves to play with other dogs so we are trilled he found a home with not one but two other doggies! Schnitzel likes to play with Lola the pug and after playing he snuggles with his big brother Riley. Schnitzel’s mom is a dog trainer so we are sure he will learn some new tricks. She renamed him Martin, which fits him so well, especially when he is wearing his tie! (Schnitzel is the dachshund)