Happily Ever After

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Titi Adopted

Poor sweet little Titi fell on hard times when her family surrendered her to a high-kill pound as they had too many dogs.  It seemed that Titi was the one to go, and it broke our heart when we saw a video of her in her kennel, crying and desperate for love.  We didn’t want to waste any time, so we broke her out of prison right away.  Titi was so confused and heartbroken when she came to us because her world had fallen apart.  But through our rehabilitation process, we made her feel safe and loved again.

And then one day a retired veteran and his young son attended our adoption event.  He was looking for a little companion to bring some light into his life.  He initially became a foster dad for Titi but within a few weeks, he decided that Titi was a keeper.  Titi’s new dad is a disabled veteran, so she was given to him as a Forte’s Gift through our Veterans Program (http://farescue.org/veterans/) especially since she was going to be his support dog.  We are so happy that Titi is now his one and only and gets all of the love she deserves and her new dad gets to experience the special kind of love for health, happiness and healing that only a dog can give.  Don’t they all look cute together!!

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Boots Adopted!

“I was lost awhile back and landed in the pound where, not knowing what else to do, I barked and barked and barked. After one of my kennel mates was adopted, I was lucky enough to get rescued. I heard that they had been there to pick up the other dog but decided to take me instead when he was adopted. I trotted out of there as fast as I could. Then one day I met this nice family. They had been thinking about getting a dog for awhile and after seeing my photo online, they showed up at adoptions to meet me. James, the little boy, was so excited about getting his first dog and he was over the moon about me. I was the first dog they looked at and it was just meant to be.”
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Whitey Adopted!

A few months ago I had no idea my life would change for the better. I was young and struggling to survive in the streets until a very kind person found me and took me with her. I stayed for a while in a cage in a vet office and they gave me all the medical care I needed, hoping in the meantime to find my original guardian. Nobody was looking for me but fortunately, Forte found me a great foster home and once I was up for adoption, a wonderful family noticed me and in no time I was adopted! They say that I am so sweet and loving with good manners and potty trained. I can only agree to that. My two human brothers gave me a new name: Bodhi. Very happy to have such a special name now and thrilled to be living with this wonderful forever family!
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Lillybelle Adopted!

We rescued sweet little Lillybelle from the pound when her time was nearly up. We found her frightened and hiding in the corner behind her kennel mates. We knew we had to save her. It was clear when she came to us that she was scared and confused. She was wary of people that she did not know and seemed fearful of unfamiliar situations. Because her undeniable cuteness, Lillybelle had a fair amount of interest but most people lost interest as they did not want to deal with a dog with any issues. Her foster Mom helped her to feel more comfortable with the world and then this couple came to our adoption event and fell in love with Lillybelle. They were determined to do whatever it took to make her a part of their family and they did! Two weeks later and things are going very well. Lillybelle has bonded nicely with her new family and is a happy little munchkin. We are so happy for you Lillybelle! 

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Luke Adopted!

When we first found Luke, he had just been returned to the pound because his owners didn’t like his color! In the beginning he was very anxious, whimpering and shaking in his crate. But with a few months of love and care, he blossomed into a sweet, gentle dog that loves treats, going for walks and snuggling. We’re so happy to say that Luke, now named Linus, has found a wonderful home with a great dog-loving couple. He even has two new siblings, Nikki and Mojo, to play with and protect him. He’s already taken to his new mom and follows her everywhere! Congrats on your new home and family, Linus! It was worth the wait! View More »

Sanford Adopted!

Sanford was found as a stray in East Los Angeles covered in fleas and ticks. He landed in the pound but his time was running out when we were contacted by some volunteers there who wanted to save him. Sanford was with us for 6 months! He was overlooked constantly! We just couldn`t understand why and then along came his forever family and they just love him. It was worth the wait. Way to go Sanford! We are so happy for you! View More »

Beuller Adopted!

Bueller (now Buster) is so happy in his new forever home! Here he is with his new sister Dosha and parents Erin and Harold. This is Erin and Harold’s third Forte rescue! Buster came into the pound as a stray and was an incredibly popular dog at Forte adoption events due to his laid back and cuddly nature. He is now learning commands and meeting lots of new friends in his wonderful Pasadena home. We’re so excited to see him snuggle into his new life. View More »

Lobo Adopted!

My first two years of life were a bit of a mystery, and I was so sad and scared and lonely when I was dumped at the pound by my people. I was labeled as part chow which meant no one could walk me or meet me without a temperament test (and this was all because they couldn’t tell the difference between Jindo and Chow). This really meant I had no chance of getting out of there alive. So I waited in my cage hoping someone would ask for me but no one did. Then a Forte volunteer saw how long I had been waiting and made the decision to get me out. Within a week, a nice lady volunteered to take me for walks. Just days after that, she let me move into her home as a “foster,” and then she told me that this was my new home and she wasn’t letting me go! My new name is Sunny because she says I bring so much brightness to her life. Now I spend my days looking out at the Marina views and learning how to be a well-educated dog. I’m so glad I was given a new lease on life! View More »

Sara and Kendra Adopted!

These sweet girls were dropped off at our adoption after their original owner fell ill, leaving their mother and all her puppies looking for a new home. Fortunately for these two, they didn’t have to wait for long! Chris met the playful pups at the adoption event and fell in love with not just one, but both of them! Now these lucky sisters, renamed Juno and Polly, have a wonderful, loving home. Best of all, they get to stay together! We wish this new family all the happiness in the world!

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Bueller Adopted!

Bueller (now Buster) is so happy in his new forever home! Here he is with his new brother Dosha and parents Erin and Harold. This is Erin and Harold’s third Forte rescue! Buster came into the pound as a stray and was an incredibly popular dog at Forte adoption events due to his laid back and cuddly nature.  He is now learning commands and meeting lots of new friends in a wonderful Pasadena home. We’re so excited to see him snuggle into his new life.

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Gilly Adopted!

Adorable pup Gilly was adopted almost immediately after having been brought to us. She was brought to Forte by a couple of scavengers who found her abandoned in an empty house without any food or water. Turns out her foster could not resist young Gilly. In a matter of a few short weeks this baby’s luck turned for the better, having gone from a possible starvation situation to a home that could not be better fit. Her new family even came with a furry friend for Gilly to play with. Good for you Gilly! You are far from that abandoned house and that isolation now. You have a long life full of love and play ahead of you pup!  (Gilly is on the right) View More »

Peanut Adopted!

Peanut has been adopted by a lovely family. He was the perfect dog, young, friendly, sweet and was adopted within two weeks. Such a lucky boy! Peanut seemed immediately at home and very happy. He particularly loved the grass as you can see! His new name is Rosco. Have a wonderful life Rosco!

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Little One Adopted!

Little One came to Forte through our Outreach Program, which enables members of the public to join forces with us to help place dogs found as stray or in abuse or neglect circumstances. Little One was found as a stray but his good Samaritan who initially took him in could not keep him for good. Little One came small in size but with a big personality, and, once you gave him a chance to warm up to you, a very big heart. So it was no wonder that Little One went to his forever home just about two months after he came on board with Forte, now living it up grand in Marina del Rey!

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Goldie Adopted!

Goldie came to Forte in February 2014 through our Outreach Program, which enables members of the public to join forces with us to help place dogs found as stray or in abuse or neglect circumstances. In Goldie’s case, it was the latter, tied to a tree in a yard all day, without any shelter from the elements. This neglect showed not only in Goldie’s looks – bony, matted hair – but also in her personality. As a young dog forced to remain inactive for days on end, she was in much need to exert herself, run off her energy, and play. At the same time, she was eager to please and learn. Our star volunteer Henriette saw this potential in Goldie and gave her a foster home – at first. But soon Goldie settled in, her brindle fur glistened and her beautiful personality shone – so much so that Henriette and her husband Misha decided to adopt Goldie and give her a forever home. Goldie truly lucked out and won a pot of gold!!

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Kira Adopted!

It’s rare to meet a dog as sweet and just naturally happy as Kira. From the moment we saw her Husky grin, and they were immediately taken in by it. They had fallen in love and soon after adopting her they told us that it felt they’d “had her forever.” We were so happy to bring this family together, and to give Kira a reason to keep on smiling!

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Muddy Adopted!

Muddy Adopted!

A few years ago Forte placed a wonderful dog named Pip. Unfortunately things changed in the life of the adopter and she couldn’t spend as much time with Pip anymore as she used to. Pip, got very unhappy and bored. Luckily his adopter asked Forte for help and it didn’t take long before we found an amazing family for Muddy who welcomed him with open arms. With his new life comes a new name: Whiskey. We are confident this will be his forever name from now on. Go go Whiskey!

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Shadow Adopted!

Sometimes one of our volunteers checks Craigslist to see if Forte can help people who are trying to find a new home for their dog. Shadow was one of those lucky dogs who wasn’t sold to God knows who or ended up in the pound because they couldn’t find someone who wanted him. Forte picked him up and fortunately we had a wonderful foster ready to take him home. This stunning dog quickly got several applications. One family we liked immediately because they had an English Mastiff already so we knew they were used to big dogs. We didn’t know how Shadow would do with a dog almost two times his size and the three cats in the household, but after a few hiccups he is now doing great! We know he will have the best life ever in this fantastic home. Bye Big Boy!(Shadow is the chocolate dog)

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Nate Adopted!

Nate spent almost three months in the pound and his time was almost up. When he was 10 months old he was found as a stray and got adopted pretty quickly but 4 years later his owner dumped him back at the pound. We could see he hadn’t been taken care of very well. He had problems with his skin and it took several antibiotics and weekly medical shampoo baths to heal his skin condition. Luckily Nate had a loving and caring foster mom who cared for him without complaint. Nate is so mellow and sweet, just an awesome dog all around and he was exactly the dog his adopter was looking for. They are very lucky to have found each other. Have a great life Nate!

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Niner Adopted!

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Schnitzel Adopted!

A woman rescued Schnitzel from the pound knowing that she couldn’t keep him. She asked Forte to find a forever home for him. Schnitzel had a skin issue, which is quite innocent, but it doesn’t look nice and it scared some people off. But our volunteers fell in love with this funny little guy, especially his foster mom, who couldn’t stop sending us photos of Schnitzel in all his cuteness! Schnitzel loves to play with other dogs so we are trilled he found a home with not one but two other doggies! Schnitzel likes to play with Lola the pug and after playing he snuggles with his big brother Riley. Schnitzel’s mom is a dog trainer so we are sure he will learn some new tricks. She renamed him Martin, which fits him so well, especially when he is wearing his tie! (Schnitzel is the dachshund)

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